Maintenance hydraulic equipment

Maintenance hydraulic equipment

Apr 27, 2019

Maintenance hydraulic equipment

1. The calcium carbide furnace is shut down and lockout according to the tagout system.

2. The person in charge of the overhaul of the closed furnace should carry the CO portable detector to check the concentration of the CO detector at any time, exceeding 79PPM, and wear the CO filter gas mask. If CO concentration exceeds 400PPM, the staff shall be forbidden to engage in the operation, immediately evacuate the site, inform the leader on duty at the first time, and the leader on duty shall organize the staff to find out the reason.

3. The fire extinguisher is in good condition and there is no firework or inflammable and explosive materials on the site.

4. The site is well ventilated;

5. Climbing operation must wear anti-fall tools and safety belt to download the upper part of the chest of height personnel. The workshop leader confirms that the staff working in the high place shall not be engaged in the high place work if they have hypertension, heart disease history and poor working spirit;

6. Avoid vertical operation from top to bottom. If it cannot be avoided, reliable isolation measures must be taken on top and bottom operation surfaces. Work on only one operational area without isolation measures.

7. When using the hoist, it is forbidden to stand directly below. The fulcrum of the hoist should be fixed firmly.

8. It is not allowed to throw tools, equipment and other articles from high places.

9. At least two or more people should carry and lift heavy objects with close cooperation, coordinated movements and special command.