Management requirements

Management requirements

Sep 05, 2019

Management requirements

Requirement: before the process equipment or power line is overhauled, the authorized operator should disconnect the power line switch and lock it with a lock. If a lock is not feasible, it should be displayed on the maintained equipment to indicate that the equipment is under repair. Exceptions: in the control of only one source of power socket can not be locked, but must state sorrow; In the maintenance or equipment debugging, if the power supply is necessary, it can not be locked, but it must be listed, and a guardian on the spot monitoring.

If it is necessary to separate the maintenance part from the equipment, the connection between the maintenance part and the equipment should be cut off, such as removing the transmission belt, chain, coupling shaft and other driving devices that transmit power.

When buying new equipment, buy devices that can be locked.

Locks: locks for maintenance include a padlock and a porous lock plate. Padlocks and lock plates are kept by licensed operators. A lock can only have one key. If there are many personnel involved in the design of maintenance, porous lock plates should be used.

Lock must be listed at the same time, warning other personnel not to remove the lock at will.

The Lockout tagout setting can only be removed by the Lockout tagout user, not by others.

When changing shifts or personnel, replacement staff with Lockout rights should not use equipment and machines that leave staff Lockout tagout.

When multiple locks/tags are used at the same time on a lock board, it indicates that multiple people are operating on the device. At this time, the personnel who completes the operation in advance shall not remove other padlocks without permission.

When an external supplier works on the site of the company and USES Lockout tagout, it is strictly forbidden for employees to remove the lock without permission.