Management system of power failure maintenance tag

Management system of power failure maintenance tag

Mar 10, 2020

Management system of power failure maintenance tag

Completely cut off the supply of electric energy, avoid the electric shock accident caused by others' wrong operation in the maintenance operation, protect the employees from being hurt by electric energy, and achieve the purpose of personnel safety by putting the disconnected power switch on the board to prevent the wrong operation.

Applicable to all employees. Especially electricians, maintenance workers, operators. The main procedures for tag items are also suitable for foreign workers, outsourcing workers, temporary workers, manufacturers to the company in accordance with the debugging and other personnel, collectively referred to as foreign workers.

During the installation, maintenance, adjustment, inspection, purge and cleaning of electrical lines and equipment, disconnect the power supply first, and hang up a sign saying "someone is working, do not close" to indicate that the work is in progress. No one is allowed to operate the power switch of the circuit.

The maintenance operator must assess the hazard before opening the protective device, exposing the live body or working on the upper circuit. The content of assessment mainly includes whether it is possible to cause power failure to repair the lines and electrical equipment due to other people's wrong operation, which may lead to electric shock accident. If the above possibility exists, it is necessary to put up a sign of "no closing when someone is working" after cutting off the power before operation. Before proceeding with the operation, you must consider the possible risk of the actual situation of the operation.

The unit belonging to the equipment or the unit belonging to the region shall implement the power failure listing system together with the maintenance unit and strictly follow the principle of "who is listed, who gets the card". Under no circumstances shall any person transmit power or initiate operation to the facility which has been tag for power failure.

The specific location of power failure tag shall be implemented in accordance with the standard of annex I, including the multi-point power failure tag. The unit of the equipment shall be responsible for the preparation of power failure tag.