Management system of power failure maintenance tag2

Management system of power failure maintenance tag2

Mar 12, 2020

Equipment owned by the unit, or the unit owned by the region, and maintenance unit equipment management personnel jointly supervise the implementation of power failure tag, equipment owned by the unit and maintenance unit jointly supervise the implementation of power failure tag correct or not and power failure v implementation!

After the maintenance work is finished, the maintenance electrician shall take down the nameplate, carry the work ticket to the distribution station room, hand in the work ticket to the operating electrician, and sign the completion procedures. The operating electrician will inform the working ticket issuer of the information of the end of maintenance work, and then carry out tests and inspections on the relevant electrical equipment, to ensure that the following inspection after the completion of work can be delisted to send power; If there are more than one maintenance unit, or maintenance personnel, in the same area or the same equipment to perform different content of the cross operation, according to the "power off a place, hang a place; Operation one, hang one "principle, at the same time in the power outage facilities on the joint listing.

The unit maintenance instructions or repair after arrangement, execution and contact synchronization to determine a power outage, such as equipment, electrical technician, etc., and inform the maintenance unit site in the form of clear, planning the maintenance requirements through security clarificaiton book or single to notify maintenance plan. After the completion of maintenance, the maintenance unit to the equipment unit for the completion of work ticket procedures, whether to immediately resume power transmission by the equipment unit responsible for implementation.

In the process of inspection need to temporarily restored power boot device, by, restore power, demand unit of personnel and equipment of the unit to actively contact - equipment subordinate units according to the power to determine whether to allow sending or launch facilities, such as permitting, the power to the units they belong to the field of equipment delisting and inform maintenance unit. Before the equipment is transmitted and started, the equipment's subordinate unit and the maintenance unit shall jointly confirm the condition of personnel and facilities on the maintenance site. After the temporary operation, the maintenance of power failure shall be continued, and the power failure shall be listed again in accordance with the requirements of this regulation. In principle, the person confirming the power failure tag and the executive are not allowed to change the power failure operation before it is completed. If the change is needed, the personnel after the change shall carry out the power failure listing procedure again according to these provisions. When the operator takes over the shift, the information and contents of the power failure tag that is being executed must be clearly stated in the shift record or related records.