Many people locked

Many people locked

Jun 25, 2020

Many people locked

Every maintenance worker needs to lock the energy sequester. Using scissors with courage allows more than one colleague to lock.

The first worker to lock must ensure that the equipment is effectively locked and cannot be started again. When each worker completes his repair work, he can only turn on his personal lock on the energy isolation device. The worker who opens the last lock must ensure that all workers are in a safe position and that the device can be safely restarted.

Multiple locks

To effectively lock down devices that have energy sources, you need to lock up multiple energy isolators.

In addition to using multiple locks, you can choose to use cables to go to a chain of severalcutters.

Use a cable to pass through each of the open key locks to be locked

A point at which a section of the cable is attached to the engine control center

The other end of the cable should have a hole for locking. Lock the hole after passing through the last key. The cable should be of sufficient diameter to prevent the open key from accidentally opening.

If you need more than one person to lock it, you may need a pair of scissors and a permanent.

If you need multiple locks, you may need to post the steps next to the machine or equipment as a reminder.