Markup locking (LOTO) overall solution

Markup locking (LOTO) overall solution

Apr 13, 2020

Markup locking (LOTO) overall solution

LOTO key principles

1. One lock and one key for each person

2. Effective theoretical and practical training

3. Authorized personnel and alternatives

4. Device-specific LOTO program

5. LOTO handover and handover

6. Contractor LOTO

7. Management review and on-site audit

A successful LOTO project must be able to solve

Create proprietary programs for each device

The LOTO program location is easy to see and can be customized according to the factory, such as adding photos and supporting information

The program easily identifies LOTO authorized personnel

Lockey has provided LOTO solutions to a variety of industries (chemical, aviation, medical, electronics and machinery), including LOTO 2 days of professional skills training, on-site guidance and support, and assist customers to establish a reliable hazard energy control method, in accordance with national regulations and company requirements. Specific services include:

Identify plant hazard energy sources and energy isolation locations

Set up factory LOTO management program and equipment exclusive program

Provide professional training for LOTO capable personnel

Provide LOTO general awareness training

Provide LOTO theory and practice training for authorized personnel, including LOTO lock application and practice