Mixer not closed Lockout tagout

Mixer not closed Lockout tagout

Mar 21, 2020

Lockout tagout

Accident history:

In April 2006, when the refining process operator li xx was operating the 2 crystal tank, he reached into the crystal tank with a stainless steel spoon in his right hand to clean the materials around the wall of the tank without turning off the stirrer. The stirrer started, resulting in the avulsion of one third of his right upper arm.

Cause of accident:

The main reason for the accident is that the employee disobeyed the operation procedure and put his arm into the crystal tank to clean up.

Main responsibilities:

1. Li cleaned the material of the wall of the medicine tank without power failure, which was the main cause of the accident and was mainly responsible for it.

2. The team leader, safety officer and sub-factory of the business division fail to timely check and stop the violation of rules and regulations on the scene, which is the indirect cause of the accident and shall be responsible for management

Accident warning:

1. Lack of safety awareness and skills, causing accidents sooner or later. There is no strong safety awareness, will ignore the existence of the source of danger, no good safety skills, will do nothing in the face of the source of danger.

2. Production units and operators do not fully understand the seriousness of the consequences of violation of regulations and discipline, resulting in the frequent occurrence of "three violations".