Monitor the maintenance process

Monitor the maintenance process

Dec 25, 2018

1. The monitoring staff should be familiar with the physical and chemical characteristics, toxicity, poisoning characteristics and other reactions of the media in the equipment, observe the changes of the media carefully, and prepare the corresponding emergency equipment and protective supplies.

2. The position locked by the monitoring personnel should be the place where the specific operation conditions of the operating personnel in the equipment can be clearly seen.

3. The personnel in charge of the supervision work shall not engage in other irrelevant work except delivering tools to the operators, and shall not be allowed to leave their duties without leave without leave.

4. If the monitor finds any abnormal situation in the equipment, he/she shall immediately notify the operating personnel in the equipment and send out a distress signal to the emergency personnel in case of emergency.

5. If first-aid personnel enter the equipment for rescue operation personnel, they also need to take relevant safety protection measures, and wear labor insurance products at the same time. It is prohibited for personnel who take protective measures to enter the equipment.