Operating standards for energy isolation

Operating standards for energy isolation

Dec 31, 2019

Operating standards for energy isolation

1. Before power failure (liquid, water, wind) operation, operators must carefully check whether the equipment to be shut down, line, and work requirements are consistent with the check and confirm that there is no error before padlock operation.

2. When several works are carried out simultaneously on the same line or several branch lines of the same power supply (liquid, water and wind), the person in charge of each work must add their own energy isolation lock, and it is forbidden to work on the line without permission when others apply for power failure (liquid, water and wind). Unlocking power supply (liquid supply) must be completed after the last life lock is released before power supply (liquid supply, water supply, wind supply) is allowed to resume.

3. When adding the energy isolation lock, it shall be listed in strict accordance with the power supply and liquid supply management regulations, and then add the energy isolation lock if it meets the system requirements.

4. The operator of the corresponding isolation lock must be the corresponding safety operation qualification personnel, in any other personnel is not allowed to operate.

5. Any personnel must protect the corresponding energy isolation device, not allowed to destroy.