Operation license

Operation license

Jan 18, 2020

Training case 1


Understand the work permit system

Understand the appropriate security measures

Know how to apply and manage

The basic purpose of the work permit program is to ensure that work (abnormal work for equipment and facilities) is properly controlled, communicated, and coordinated. It is a means of obtaining written instructions and written approval for personnel engaged in work with potential safety hazards.

Operation license

The golden rule

For work designed for high-risk operations such as access to restricted Spaces, energy isolation, heavy lifting or ignition in potentially explosive environments, PTW must be applied for before work. The main contents of PTW include:

Defining the scope of operations;

Identify hidden dangers and assess risks;

Management control measures to eliminate or mitigate potential hazards;

Eliminate or mitigate hidden dangers through control measures;

Guide staff to prepare and control the site through safety work order;

Obtain the approval of the relevant person in charge;

Communicate the above information to all personnel involved in the work;

Ensure adequate controls are in place during operation.

Operating permit (PTW) basics

Using a work permit can help:

Institutional work plan

Hazard identification

Develop control measures

Proper use of working equipment

Proper communication and work coordination

To control the potential harm and reduce the risk.

Note: work permits alone do not guarantee job safety