Other matters needing attention

Other matters needing attention

May 28, 2019

1. Lock label requirements

First, they should be durable and the locks and signs should be able to withstand the environment they are used in. Secondly, the lock and identification plate should be strong enough to ensure that it cannot be removed without external force. Also identifiable, identification card should be attached to the lock, written on the name of the owner and the work in progress; Finally, there should be uniqueness, each lock should only be equipped with a key, the key can not be copied and other people do not take the initiative to remove the lock.

2. Lockout and tagout work order requirements

For the equipment distributed in the same electrical room, if several devices perform lockout and tagout procedures at the same time, a lockout and tagout work sheet of electrical equipment can be filled in, and the equipment code and name can be attached with another page of equipment table requiring lockout and tagout. If lockout and tagout procedures need to be performed for equipment in different electrical rooms at the same time, each electrical room needs to fill in a lockout and tagout work sheet for electrical equipment. Each program sheet must be signed by the commissioning personnel and the electrical unlocking operator.

Re-locking and unlocking after completing the test also requires a signature. This work order shall be stored in the electrical room after the unlocking and locking procedure is executed, and the lock and unlock shall be confirmed in the electrical room upon completion of the work.

3. Electrical control requirements

When the transformer is not in operation, the door of transformer room and MCC room should be closed and locked. Before the transformer power supply, the main circuit breaker of each inlet cabinet and feeder cabinet in MCC room shall be locked in the cut-off position, and the circuit breaker of all motors shall be in the test position or the opening position, and the transformer power supply shall only be allowed after the transformer power supply license is signed.

Before linkage test, work permit should be obtained. Sign the register in the distribution room, and the technicians in the distribution room, field and central control room can communicate with each other through the intercom. Only the lock of the motor to be used can be opened, and then the motor can be started.

After the test, adjust the motor control circuit switch to the test position and lock it. In case of maintenance or adjustment of electrical appliances or equipment during the test run, the operation permit shall be submitted. The operating personnel shall break the control circuit of the operating box beside the machine and lock the operating box beside the machine. After the maintenance or adjustment work is completed, the operating personnel shall unlock the operation box.

During no-load test, the following circuits shall be locked and controlled before power supply to the line cabinet:

Main circuit of wire inlet cabinet and feedback cabinet. Power supply procedure: before the power supply permit, sign the register in the distribution room, remove the padlock, close the circuit breaker on the incoming cabinet and feeder cabinet.

Strictly abide by the lockout and tagout system can effectively reduce the injury of personnel and enterprise losses, so we should pay enough attention to management and consciousness, seriously study and implement the lockout and tagout principle, procedures, methods and matters needing attention, and truly achieve safe production.