Other requirements

Other requirements

Sep 14, 2019

Other requirements

The point at which the energy (mainly chemical energy) of the two boundary areas needs to be locked is approved by the master in charge of the two units. The technician in charge is responsible for implementing the energy isolation, locking, listing and testing, and locking at least 2 locks (both units must be locked at this point).

At least 1 lock shall be hung on the pipeline which needs to be cut off for a long time in a boundary area or due to process reasons. Check and record once a month.

When using blind plate for energy isolation, the special label of blind plate is attached to carry out the pipeline opening procedure.

When cleaning the filter net, the "single operation card of technology" and "operation permit" shall be implemented without locking and listing.

During the overhaul of the equipment, Lockout tagout is not necessary for partial operation after the whole isolation and replacement of the system. HSE operation plan and maintenance operation rules shall be implemented accordingly.

Common problems in HSE system audit and post inspection

In the annual two-word HSE system audit of the group company and the quarterly internal post inspection and inspection of the company, there are inspection contents of energy isolation and lockout-tagout-test procedures. Common mistakes in the inspection are as follows:

The filling and use of energy isolation list is not standard, such as: the filling of isolated materials and energy is not correct;

Incorrect or irregular identification of hazard factors;

The isolation mode is not standardized;

Missing items such as signature and date; Not hanging, Posting and retaining according to document requirements.