Overhaul crusher

Overhaul crusher

Apr 30, 2019

Overhaul crusher, bucket elevator, induced draft fan, single bucket elevator, wringer cage, ball press, large circulating water equipment, ring feeder, kiln body, lime belt L4011 public works cooling tower fan

1. The shutdown shall be tagout according to the tag system.

2. Carry out the second kind of work ticket, and the workshop leader makes on-site supervision.

3. Install leakage protector on mobile appliances and lamps, and the lighting power supply voltage shall not exceed 36V.

4. The power cord shall not contact with water.

5. The primary and secondary insulation of the welding machine is intact, and the power cord and welding gun are not exposed or damaged.

6. Oxygen and acetylene cylinders must be kept at a safe distance of more than 5 meters, and oxygen and acetylene cylinders should be kept away from the ignition point.

7. Welding machine welding wire, electrical equipment wire source and oxygen, acetylene hose is not wound together, the maintainer is prohibited to welding machine welding wire, oxygen, acetylene belt is not allowed to wind with the body or welding wire, oxygen, acetylene belt on the back or pressure in the body.