Padlocks TSA certification

Padlocks TSA certification

Jul 01, 2016

1.TSA is U.S. Abbreviation for Transportation Security Administration, meaning the United States transportation security administration.

2, TSA certification explained

(1) starting from January 2003, TSA require all entering United States airport baggage must be opened for inspection, and TSA issued a warning: unless you are using a TSA-certified locks, locked or checked baggage or not, or customs will have the right to pry open the damaged checked baggage locks.

(2) open TSA locks there are two ways: one is locked itself with some keys or consumers can set the password and the other is the key to special customs, customs have a TSA lock keys in hands.

(3) both sides of the lock must be a red, diamond-shaped signs, customs as long as I see the sign, I knew to take the keys and lock (lock indicating the corresponding key number on the bottom), but could not pry the damage.