Pay attention to the point

Pay attention to the point

Sep 12, 2019

Pay attention to the point

Violation of the Lockout tagout procedure is a serious breach of the safety code and is subject to severe penalties.

Examples of violating the Lockout tagout procedure include:

Not isolating all energy sources.

No testing or witnessing isolation effect testing of power equipment.

Operate locked valves and switches.

Remove labels and locks without authorization.

Keep extra backup keys.

Holding of redundant collective lock keys and any violation of the principles of this procedure.

If the "dangerous do not operate" label is used on site for a long time, the unit that owns the equipment must replace and fill in the information again within 30 days.

In the case of personal locking, only the locking person can remove the "dangerous do not operate" label, or remove it under his/her own eyes.

When collective locking is adopted, the "dangerous forbidden operation" label of collective locking is removed by the supervisor or other agent belonging to the equipment.