Perform isolation and validation

Perform isolation and validation

Aug 27, 2020

Perform isolation and validation

Before implementation, determine whether the energy isolation process is for irregular operations, unplanned maintenance operations, operations deviating from safety standards or procedure requirements and other operations requiring operation permit procedures to control risks, and apply for operation permit tickets as required. Energy isolation is implemented in accordance with the energy isolation plan. Note:

(1) The isolation of electrical and radioactive sources shall be operated by qualified professionals. The process personnel and maintenance personnel shall lock and hang after the above isolation is completed and the relevant professionals are listed to prevent the risk of accidental release of energy caused by human error operation.

(2) Process operators need to isolate and lock and hang according to the process isolation steps in the energy isolation plan. Maintenance personnel should lock and hang after confirming the completion of isolation, so as to ensure that materials will not leak due to human error in the maintenance process and ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

(3) After the completion of electrical isolation, radiation isolation and process isolation, the maintenance personnel shall apply to the dependency for relevant operation permits related to mechanical isolation. After the approval of the operation permit, the mechanical isolation shall be carried out. The technician shall confirm the mechanical isolation points item by item according to the isolation plan.

When the energy isolation is complete, the residual energy of the isolated part should be released. Electrical isolation. Special attention should be paid to the discharge of capacitors and inductors, as such devices will remain charged for a period of time (about 5 minutes) after the isolation is completed. The isolation of the battery system cannot remove the energy source, and should be electrically treated. In the case of isolation, appropriate precautions should be taken. After the completion of process isolation, it is necessary to drain and replace equipment, pipeline residual pressure and materials.

The effectiveness of the isolation shall be verified before the start of the maintenance work, such as the inching device switch and voltage measurement to confirm the isolation of electrical energy; Confirm the status of the valve, no material discharge from the relief valve, no pressure holding in the system, etc. Maintenance shall not commence until the isolation requirements have been met and if there is a risk that stored energy will re-accumulate to an unacceptable risk level, the isolation shall be continued until the end of the maintenance or until the possibility of such accumulation no longer exists.