Power cut lock program

Power cut lock program

Nov 02, 2019

Power cut lock program

When all operating personnel have been evacuated, but there is still an unlifted safety lock at the location where the lock is implemented, and the relevant equipment is in urgent need of starting up and running, it should try to contact the personnel and ask them to rush to the site of the lock and lift.

The following situations occur:

(1) the personnel failed to unlock in time or confirm that they could not return after contact. (2) confirm that the personnel have evacuated the operation site but the personal lock key lost can not be found.

The following procedures shall be followed to ensure that the production operation is resumed and normal:

1. The person in charge of the workshop shall personally confirm in the working place that all the personnel involved have been evacuated safely;

2. Check that all tools and facilities have been cleaned;

3. Check whether all protective covers have been installed;

4. Check whether the device is in a safe state, and whether it meets the requirement that no harm will be caused when it is started;

5. Apply to relevant departments according to the procedures of emergency lock clipping application form;