Power line maintenance operation

Power line maintenance operation

May 14, 2019

Maintenance of power failure lines must comply with the following provisions:

1. There must be a unified command by a responsible person.

2. There must be an obvious disconnection point, and the power switch handle of the disconnection of the line must be watched or locked by a special person, and a warning sign with the word "someone working, do not close the switch" should be hung. Only the person carrying out the work has the right to remove the card and send a message.

3. Electricity must be checked after power failure, and the grounding wire must be hung.

4. The operation must be supervised by a special person.

5. After confirming that all operations are completed, remove the grounding wire and warning board, and the main person in charge shall inspect them in person, and inform them to send power after checking. It is forbidden to send electricity at the appointed time.

Blackout safety requirements

1. For the electrical equipment or circuit in power failure operation, all power sources must be completely disconnected. For transformers and voltage transformers that are electrically connected to the power failure equipment or line, the knife switch shall be pulled away from both sides of high and low voltage to prevent reverse power transmission to the power failure equipment or line.

2. The operator handle of the switch, which may send power to the power failure once the switch is closed, must be locked.

3. When disconnecting the power supply, not only the switch but also the switch should be pulled open. Make sure there is at least one clear disconnect point between the power supply and the servicing equipment or wiring. It is strictly prohibited to work on the equipment or circuit that is only disconnected by the switch, in order to prevent the operating mechanism of the switch from failure or position indication failure, and the switch cannot be completely disconnected so as to make the equipment for maintenance live in danger of personal safety.