Preparation for equipment maintenance in chemical enterprises

Preparation for equipment maintenance in chemical enterprises

May 09, 2019

Preparation for equipment maintenance in chemical enterprises

Due to the complexity and unsafety of equipment maintenance in chemical enterprises, maintenance units need to make good preparations before maintenance.

(1) first of all, the chemical and physical properties of the medium in the equipment should be made clear, so as to determine a feasible replacement plan, and the basic condition of maintenance can be achieved through replacement, which is the most basic condition to ensure the personal safety of operators.

(2) the material pipes and valves in and out of the equipment should be closed, and the blind plate should be installed according to the requirements (do not just close the valve, to prevent the valve lax), so as to achieve the purpose of completely disconnect the maintenance equipment from other equipment.

(3) turn off the power of the maintenance equipment, and hang the "no closing for equipment maintenance" safety warning board on the power switch.

(4) the lighting for equipment internal maintenance shall be determined according to the degree of dryness. The lighting voltage in the equipment shall be 24v when it is dry and 12v when it is wet.

(5) after the completion of the safety preparation work, it is necessary to apply for the operation certificate for entering the equipment in the safety and technology department, and at the same time, for the electrical welding, it is necessary to prepare the insulation rubber pad or insulation sleepers, and also apply for the heating certificate.

(6) the maintenance equipment belonging to pressure vessels shall be inspected and repaired in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment.