Prepare equipment LOTO (Lockout tagout) work instruction

Prepare equipment LOTO (Lockout tagout) work instruction

Nov 12, 2019

Prepare equipment LOTO (Lockout tagout) work instruction

Whether a single power source, or variety of energy sources, the employees engaged in repair, cleaning, maintenance and other tasks and need to enter inside the equipment, in order to avoid and prevent equipment accident energy source release and the machine start, we must implement and execute "Lockout tagout procedures," according to equipment LOTO wi, applicable to all sources of energy for Lockout tagout, ensure the safety of the field workers

Identify and determine the equipment or machine that needs LOTO, and determine with the equipment management team the energy source of the equipment, whether it is a single energy source or multiple energy sources, as well as the type of energy source (electricity, steam, hydraulic, water pressure, etc.) and its properties (voltage size, water pressure, etc.).

Number and determine the power source size of the device based on the energy source coming out of the device, and how it is verified after LOTO is locked (voltmeter reading, air meter pointer verification, or attempting to restart the device to verify)

For the selected equipment and its specific energy source locking device, determine the specific and applicable locks, such as gate valve, ball valve, air switch, etc., as shown in the following figure for the specific selection of locks

After identifying and determining the specific energy source type, specification and location, as well as the applicable locks, the LOTO operation manual can be prepared

, according to a 1910 law requires OHSA for LOTO wi must be operable, type and size, size can be according to the machine or equipment to determine the style of LOTO wi, below is the first (pictured), the equipment layout on location and relevant LOTO requirements, this is also the European factories, American factories more general LOTO wi format

The second LOTO operation instruction is to shoot the location of the locking device of the equipment and then make the LOTO operation instruction. This kind of operation instruction is relatively simple and fast, and easy to be used and made

After the LOTO instruction is made, when the cleaning, maintenance, repair and maintenance of specific equipment need to enter the internal activities of equipment or machine, employees need to consider whether LOTO operation procedures need to be carried out. The following process (as shown in the figure) is to guide and assist everyone to determine whether LOTO procedures need to be carried out

Matters needing attention

Opening the safety interlocking device is not considered Lockout tagout

LOTO procedures are mandatory and disciplinary action may be taken in case of violation