Project flow and content

Project flow and content

Aug 15, 2020

Project flow and content

Project preparation phase

1. Communicate on site in the early stage & count workload, confirm sample equipment.

2. Set up the team and select the person in charge and relevant authorized personnel.

3. Set up training project team, basic training, and establish LOTO system of enterprise culture.

Project execution phase

1. Risk assessment of relevant operational activities.

2. Formulation of energy lock control scheme, identification & calibration of dangerous energy points, and energy layout diagram.

3. Compile the operating instruction of energy locking.

4. Special training, authorization training and assessment.

Project inspection phase

1. Operation and inspection by authorized personnel;

2. Check operation instruction and operation procedure.

3. Check the alternative way of locking and listing.

4. Management of spot check locks.

Project Evaluation phase

1. Design guidance for auditing standards and various process checklist.

2. Review the final implementation of the project with Party A's customers.

3. Summarized the implementation situation and put forward Suggestions for project improvement.