Project organization

Project organization

Aug 27, 2019

Project organization

Project leader /SPA:

Pilot leader, management with executive power, such as factory director

Officer: responsible person of energy isolation, familiar with pilot process, familiar with maintenance process, such as safety supervisor. Responsible for the management of other members, and report to the project leader.

Other members: can be the corresponding staff of each sample equipment or area, and can be selected from various departments, such as safety room, equipment room, production preparation, etc.

Project objectives and acceptance

The main target

After the end of the project, the company has a clear system and scientific and effective procedures for LOTO management and operation, qualified executors to perform corresponding operations, and colleagues to configure appropriate safety locking tools.


1. Confirm that the basic safety measures of the equipment can meet the needs of LOTO, or propose corresponding improvement plans and measures;

2. Made the control scheme and procedures of the company's LOTO;

3. LOTO management of sample equipment, generating effective technical documents (energy source chart & energy listing, LOTO operating instructions)

4. Provide appropriate locks for each set of equipment.

Project objectives and acceptance

Acceptance criteria

1. Equipment list, equipment plans and measures to be improved;

2. Sample equipment shall cover equipment and public facilities;

3. Cover all maintenance activities; The degree of maintenance personnel and operation personnel to participate in the project is greater than or equal to 50%;

4. Record and approve LOTO lock points;

5. Cover the LOTO management of all objects, including contractor maintenance operations;

6. It was clearly stipulated through the audit that the compilation level of LOTO operation instruction should exceed 20%;

7. All equipment is equipped with appropriate locks.