Protection grade

Protection grade

Jan 03, 2019

IP stands for Ingress Protection. IEC IP protection level is an important part of electrical equipment safety protection. IP and other protection level system provides a way to classify products based on the dust, water and collision prevention degree of electrical equipment and packaging. The following xiaobian introduces protection level ip55.

The protection level is usually expressed by IP followed by two Numbers, which are used to define the protection level.

The first number indicates the range of dust resistance of the device, or the degree to which people are protected from hazards in a sealed environment. I stands for the level that prevents solid foreign bodies from entering. The highest level is 6.

The second number indicates how waterproof the equipment is. P represents the level of water prevention, the highest level is 8.

Such as motor protection grade IP65, protection grade IP55 and so on.

Protection class for contact with electrical equipment and foreign objects (first digit) waterproof protection class for electrical equipment (second digit)