PTW operating Permit

PTW operating Permit

Dec 29, 2020

PTW operating Permit


The procedure identifies the minimum requirements that must be put in place to ensure that the tasks listed in Part 6 of the Headquarters operating permit procedure (routine or non-routine) and other risk assessments are implemented safely for hazardous work.

Factories with established safe work permit systems should conduct and record gap assessments against this procedure to ensure that their systems meet the requirements of this procedure and take action to rectify the gaps identified as soon as possible. A mature system should only have work permit procedures and work permits for all work tasks in Part 6 of the Headquarters Operating Permit Procedures.

This procedure and work permit should be used in plants without mature systems. Initial and periodic training on the application of the safe work Permit system shall be provided to employees and participants shall be recorded.

What is a work permit

A dedicated file that is authorized to perform a specific task at a specified time.

It describes the safety, health and environmental precautions that are considered and required to complete the task safely prior to work. The permit also reflects that the work to be done has gone beyond notifying the HKO representative responsible for the relevant installation, department or equipment.

Depending on the type of work, expert involvement or a second licensee review may be required.

The job permit itself does not guarantee the safety of the job. The proper use of a work permit in the formulation of a work plan, identification of hazards, establishment of control measures, preparation of work facilities, communication of regulatory requirements, and coordination of work can ensure the circle of work. Our aim is to control potential hazards in the field operation and to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

"The permit itself does not guarantee the safety of the operation"

What needs to be strong is that anyone (including Henkel employees and relevant contractors) has the responsibility to stop unsafe operations in Yiwu.

"If it's not safe, stop."