Public lock (device lock)

Public lock (device lock)

Aug 31, 2019

Safety padlock

Public lock (device lock)

Each department that needs to Lockout/Tagout shall have a set of numbered locks as "department locks", the type and quantity of which shall meet the requirements of regional energy source identification. Department lock is insufficient in individual lock or need much kind of job job collective segregation is, can borrow, but the life card that still needs to attach individual information on the department lock that contacts, do well to borrow still record.

It is mainly aimed at the situation of multiple participants in equipment maintenance or multiple isolation points for a single equipment.

Security padlock can be customized (concentric, different core, with main key)

Different core key

The mine padlock corresponds to a key that is never repeated. The high precision machining of locks and keys meets strict standards. We are able to offer more different key keys than other padlocks with the same number of pins to ensure that you do not buy duplicate padlocks. To ensure that each lock is unique, we offer a customized padlock service to ensure that each padlock you buy is not repeated.

One key

A concentric lock is a padlock that can be opened with the same key. This solution makes it much easier for a single employee to manage multiple padlocks. Keep in mind, however, that according to OSHA, employees are not allowed to open padlocks that others use. Therefore, concentric locks in a group may not be assigned to more than one employee.

Director of the key

The modified product can be used to open other multi-core locks, which can facilitate the supervisor to open the lock in case of emergency. In order to achieve specially-assigned control, the key of the supervisor should be stored in a secure location and only accessible by the management personnel.