Requirements for circuit breakers

Requirements for circuit breakers

Jan 09, 2020

Requirements for circuit breakers

The breaker and the device it controls shall have the same identification mark specifying the device it controls.

If there is a field disconnecting switch with multiple sources, the distance between the two switches is required to be less than 45cm.

The disconnecting switch for gas and liquid energy must have a pressure relief device.

All equipment operating more than 1 time/shift must be equipped with field disconnecting switch.

Training needs

All employees must receive training, assessment and practice before starting work

Retraining is required if any changes or annual inspections reveal inadequate energy control processes

Maintain training record for more than 2 years

This training is required prior to the contractor's visit to the plant for process or equipment related construction

Qualified operator:

Receive training and be qualified in writing and practice

- remember the locking step

Know when to list

Never be negligent when actual work is required

For your safety and the safety of others, please follow the energy cut-off procedure