Responsibilities and Authority

Responsibilities and Authority

Jul 11, 2020

Responsibilities and Authority

1 each unit

Responsible for management and maintenance according to this procedure.

QHSE management department

Responsible for providing advice, support and review.

Responsible personnel of equipment area

Responsible for informing the staff of the energy isolation point and ensuring that the staff lock correctly; Responsible for making energy isolation plan, cutting off energy, and maintaining the safety of the whole equipment area; Fill in the energy quarantine form according to the actual situation, and recycle the lock and hang sign after the operation.

4 Staff

Follow the correct procedures for Lockout/Tagout, test, and unlock; Have the right to request inspection and verification of the isolation points and isolation measures, and add necessary isolation measures; Place the lock and label in the correct position and save the personal security lock.

5 Guardianship Personnel

Designated and authorized by the person in charge of the equipment area; Responsible for monitoring the implementation of energy isolation scheme; Responsible for monitoring area safety during energy isolation process; Responsible for the safety inspection of the work place and equipment isolation area after isolation, report to the person in charge of the equipment area after confirming the safety of the work site, supervise the removal and recovery of locks and labels.