Risk isolation

Risk isolation

Nov 28, 2019

Risk isolation

Identify the isolation method, isolation point and locking point based on the identified hazardous energy and materials and the possible hazards. According to the dangerous energy, material nature and isolation mode, select the appropriate disconnect and isolation device. The selection of isolation device should consider the following:

-- -special dangerous energy isolation device to meet special needs;

-- -technical requirements for installation of locking device;

--- buttons, selector switches, and other control circuit devices shall not be used as dangerous energy isolators;

Control valves and solenoid valves cannot be used as separate fluid isolation devices.

Due to the design, configuration or installation of the system, the energy may be re-accumulated (such as long cables with high capacitance), and appropriate measures should be taken;

-- when a system or device contains stored energy (such as springs, flywheels, gravity effects, or capacitors), the stored energy should be released or blocked by components;

-- in complex or high-energy power systems, protective grounding should be considered;

Portable power equipment (refueling engines, engine-driven equipment) should be disabled by reliable measures such as removal of batteries, cables, spark plug wires or the corresponding measures.