Rotating equipment (including valve, motor) repair operation

Rotating equipment (including valve, motor) repair operation

Apr 02, 2019

Operation risk:

When rotating equipment for maintenance, maloperation of electricity and steam source will result in malrotation, which will endanger the safety of life and property of maintenance workers. When the equipment (or spare parts) is large (heavy), improper safety measures may cause mechanical injury.

Safety measures:

(1) before the maintenance operation, it is necessary to contact the process personnel to effectively isolate the system, remove, rinse and replace the flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful media inside the equipment and pipelines for the fire-starting maintenance, analyze them reasonably, and apply for the operation license.

(2) in the repair of live (steam) equipment, to contact with the relevant personnel and team, cut off the power (steam) source, and the switch box hanging "no closing, working" signs.

(3) the person in charge of the operation project shall implement the safety measures of the operation and apply for the operation permit and approval; For extremely dangerous operations, safety assessment shall be carried out together with the person in charge of safety in the operation area, and safety operation plan shall be formulated.

(4) operators shall wear labor protection articles as required; Be familiar with the work content, especially the opinions signed by relevant departments, and carry out them carefully before and during the work.

(5) disassembled spare parts and components shall be placed in different areas and be well protected. Special personnel shall be assigned to watch over important parts or components.

(6) in the use of pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and other tools, according to the "safe operation operation manual" standard operation, safe construction.

(7) if the equipment (or spare parts) is large (heavy) and requires multiple types of workers to work together, unified command shall be given and the order shall be forbidden.

(8) to strengthen the management of oil substances, all waste oil should be poured into the recovery barrels.

(9) after the completion of the operation, clean the site after the completion of materials, and do a good job in site cleaning and sanitation.