Safe listing price Which safe listing supplier in Wenzhou is good

Safe listing price Which safe listing supplier in Wenzhou is good

May 14, 2020

Safe listing price_Which safe listing supplier in Wenzhou is good

Safety listing price_Which safety listing supplier is good in Wenzhou, Luoke Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. is a production company, focusing on the development, production, and sales of safety listings, and was established in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In line with the customer-centric business philosophy, it mainly provides excellent security listings for enterprises or individuals, has a perfect after-sales service system, good product quality, and affordable price-performance ratio. Company address: No. 8, Wanglin East Road, Beibaixiang Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province.

Safe listing price, AP76SA steel long beam series-76MM material: reinforced plastic lock shell, zinc alloy lock core, copper key

Description: Widely used in industries such as chemical industry, electric power, electronics, etc., easy to carry, warning labels can be rewritten, the key cannot be turned when the lock beam is open. Support OEM customization, laser or custom label design is available, and the lock beam length is 38mm and 72mm to choose from. All colors can be customized. Padlock key system: 1. Different flower series (KD): The keys of each padlock are one-to-one correspondence, and the locks cannot be opened to each other. 2. Flush series (KA): All locks and locks in the designated group can be opened to each other, any key can open all padlocks in the group 3. Level 2

Luoke Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. has strong design and research and development capabilities. It can provide customized solutions with different industry characteristics and individual needs according to the needs of enterprises or individuals. Level, widely used for safety protection. We firmly believe that high-quality assurance starts with excellent products. In the process of optimizing the configuration of product solutions, Rocco security products continue to make more innovations, including design, installation, technical support, after-sales service and maintenance.

The company has won the market for a long time with strong technical force, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. The safety-listed models provided by our company are customizable, and the country has received good response after the products were put on the market. Rocco Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. has established long-term cooperative relations with major logistics enterprises. The products will be delivered directly to users through land transportation; water transportation; and road transportation, and will be shipped in time within the time negotiated by both parties. Product quality is stable and reliable, and provide after-sales service. We will serve you sincerely and sincerely, providing one-stop services of design, production, transportation, installation and after-sales.

Security listing price Continue to develop. Rocco Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. will further make the safety listing more diversified and high-quality to meet the higher requirements of enterprises or individuals. The company is located at No. 8 Wanglin East Road, Beibaixiang Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, and is willing to join hands with friends to create a better tomorrow.

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