Safe operation of machine

Safe operation of machine

Feb 25, 2021

Safe operation of machine

Before using the machine, you must make sure that the machine is in good condition before using it (empty machine runs for 1-3 minutes to see if there is any abnormality). If the machine itself has wear, deformation, rupture, oil leakage and abnormal sound, you must inform the supervisor for maintenance. These problems, if left unattended, can lead to accidents.

When the machine is running, it is forbidden to put the hand or any part of the body into the machine. Adjusting machine, testing, maintenance and other work must be in the shutdown, power off.

Strictly comply with the safety rules of the machine; After finishing the work, turn off the power supply and air source switch of the machine and clean the machine.

Electrical safety

Protective grounding, zero connection device, lightning protection device, anti-static device (electrostatic grounding, neutralization, etc.)

Non-electricians are not allowed to tamper with or repair the electrical equipment and electrical pipelines in the workshop or dormitory

Electrical equipment shall not be operated with malfunction. Any electrical equipment before the inspection, shall be considered to have electricity, do not blindly contact.

Need to move the non-fixed installation of electrical equipment, such as lights, welding machine lights, must first cut off the power supply and then move, moving, to prevent the wire is broken.