Safety lock classification

Safety lock classification

Dec 01, 2020

Safety lock classification:

Safety padlocks: engineering safety padlocks, insulation padlocks, long beam padlocks, short beam padlocks, dustproof padlocks, cable padlocks, thin beam padlocks, long body padlocks, safety jacket padlocks, aluminum padlocks, layered padlocks, anti-magnetic and explosion-proof padlocks.

Safety signs: safety tags, scaffolding tags, fixed assets signs

Safety hasp locks: steel hasp locks, economical just made hasp locks, fireproof steel hasp locks, jaw hasp locks, butterfly tamper-proof hasp locks, insulated hasp locks, aluminum joint brand security Buckle lock, fireproof double-head aluminum buckle lock, steel double-head buckle lock.

Valve locks: standard gate valve locks, adjustable gate valve locks, butterfly valve locks, adjustable ball valve locks, standard ball valve locks, adjustable flange ball valve locks, plug valve locks, single gear arm universal ball valve locks, double gear arm universal ball valve Lock, universal gate valve lock, universal butterfly valve lock, universal valve lock.

Cable locks: automatic retractable cable lock, grip cable lock, adjustable rigid cable lock, economical fish-shaped cable lock, wheeled cable lock.

Gas source gas cylinder locks: gas source locks, storage tank locks, gas cylinder locks

Circuit breaker locks: miniature circuit breaker locks, clamp type circuit breaker locks, extra large clamp type circuit breaker locks, multifunctional medium and small circuit breaker locks, extra large circuit breaker locks, multifunctional circuit breaker locks, simple circuit breaker locks

Industrial electrical locks: safety group locks, snap-type circuit breaker locks, specific electrical locks, plug locks, electrical/pneumatic plug locks, industrial waterproof socket locks, industrial waterproof plug locks, travel controller lock bags, multi-purpose industrial point locks , Emergency stop locks, socket safety covers, control panel locks.

Lock station: integrated lock station, combined lock station, combined mobile phone lock station, metal lock hanger, portable lock hanger, tag station, portable shared lock box, lock management station, key management station.

Lock combination bag: safety lock pocket, safety lock handbag, safety lock suitcase, safety lock combination bag.