Safety padlock

Safety padlock

Aug 29, 2019

Safe padlock

Personal lock (life lock)

Life lock and life card are issued to the authorized staff who need to perform Lockout/Tagout. One lock corresponds to one key, which is kept and used by the authorized staff. Life locks and life tags require personal information from employees.

Problem: the company has four kinds of working groups: maintenance workers, safety workers, post workers and outsourcing workers

Solution: the locks can be provided with 8 different color padlocks to distinguish them, which is mandatory for employees in the factory.

If the company does not have standardized management, the use of traditional padlocks is not conducive to identifying managers and is not conducive to subsequent management. One is the color is not unified, two is the logo is not clear, three is bad management. E.g. Who is the person in charge who belongs to which department?

Using a security padlock of the same specification facilitates better management and differentiation.

According to an employee of a company, they need to display their personal information in the padlock during the actual operation process, and they use self-printing transparent adhesive on the scene

Solution: the lock can provide a set of label printing system. The user only needs to formulate label information according to the actual needs. The label is waterproof and oil-proof, and can only be printed in black and white to facilitate replacement and update.