Safety regulations for routine maintenance of electricians

Safety regulations for routine maintenance of electricians

Apr 09, 2019

A. Inspection and maintenance site

Before maintenance, inspect the condition of the equipment to be inspected and the working environment on site to check the potential safety hazards of the equipment to be inspected.

Equipment status: running track and relevant actions of each part of the equipment during operation.

The inherent state of each part of the equipment and the possible action when the equipment is stopped.

2. Hold maintenance safety meeting

1. Determine the maintenance equipment

This paper introduces the general situation of the equipment and the environment in which the equipment is located.

2. Determine the maintenance personnel and assign their respective tasks

Responsible person for maintenance: responsible for the organization and implementation of the whole maintenance work, the arrangement and implementation of maintenance safety measures, and the control of maintenance quality.

Maintainer: responsible for the specific implementation of maintenance work, the implementation of safety measures, maintenance quality control.

Safety supervisor: responsible for the arrangement of safety measures, inspection and supervision of the implementation of safety implementation, found safety hazards have the right to order maintenance personnel to stop work, and make their rectification.

Set up safety measures

According to the safety hidden danger in the site, the corresponding safety measures should be arranged, and the maintenance personnel should work together. No single operation is allowed. In case of insufficient personnel, the operation should be stopped.

4. Work arrangement

Explain the specific process of maintenance, according to the field equipment maintenance personnel work allocation, the work should pay attention to the problem.

Note: maintenance safety meeting should be recorded.

3. Blackout, tagout, tripartite confirmation

Before maintenance, confirm the power source inspected. The power source Shared by multiple devices can be cut off without affecting other devices. If it interferes with some equipment, it can be disconnected temporarily after safety measures are taken to carry out line picking operation. A single device control of the power supply, can be directly cut off operation. No matter what kind of power supply must comply with: first disconnect the branch power supply, and then disconnect the main power supply. Cut off the air circuit breaker first, then the isolation switch. After the completion of the power failure operation, the sign forbidding closing shall be hung in the operable part, on which the team, the person in charge of maintenance, the content of maintenance time and contact information shall be indicated, and the safety officer shall be responsible for supervision.