Safety visual management

Safety visual management

Apr 18, 2019

1. No isolation area is set

If the following conditions may exist in the workplace, it is necessary to isolate different working areas with ropes (safety isolation belts) or fences, such as maintenance work area, contractor work area, temporary goods storage area, aisle area and other dangerous areas, and put up labels to clarify the isolation related information.

Any place or area of work where there is danger (risk) to the safety of pedestrians or vehicles, such as pits, high ground where things can fall, high temperatures, corrosive splashes and leaks, etc.

Maintenance work is hazardous.

Construction, high-risk operations and other prone to accidents.

Temporary electricity:

Mobile tools, hand-held tools and other electrical equipment should have their own power switch, must be implemented: 'one machine one switch' system, it is strictly prohibited to use one switch appliance directly control two or more electrical equipment (including socket);

Where the road must be crossed or there is a risk of heavy extrusion, the corresponding line shall be protected by hard pipe, and the hard pipe shall be fixed; When located in busy areas or heavy equipment through the area, the application of concrete pieces to protect it, and set up safety warning signs;

The direction of the cable can be damaged by sparks from grinding.

Welding wire cross