Security activities

Security activities

Jan 26, 2019

A year's plan begins in the spring. It is necessary and important to carry out safety inspections in the spring. After experiencing the test of peak power consumption in winter, the awareness of power grid, lines, equipment and personnel has become increasingly prominent in safety risks. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation. Only when the problem is found can the problem be corrected. Only when the problem is corrected in time can the recurrence of the problem be avoided.

First, it is not practical to carry out safety activities on time. Some classes and groups set Monday or Friday as the safety activity day. A retrospective analysis of the safety work this week can achieve certain practical results.  

Malpractice: power industry is a special industry, once emergency repair, fault treatment, safety meeting can not be on time, and the data staff began a person to open a safety meeting, behind closed doors.  

Suggestion: safety activities can not be carried out regularly or on time, according to the working conditions of each team and carry out, can be held at the construction site, can be carried out after lunch, the site summary of the safety situation, that is, the existence of safety hazards can be changed in a timely manner, and can be inspired.  

Second, the situation of safety activities is single, usually by the unit head to convey the superior meeting spirit, learning accident fast, simple, notice, by the person in charge of the work, the team leader to speak, talk about the experience, the following other personnel to listen to the main.  

Abuse: to develop a listening to the personnel of their own state of mind, above, the following play mobile phone, talk about small talk, hit the sleep.  

Suggestion: safety activities will be carried out in the form of seminars, speeches, and so on, the staff take turns to speak, everyone when the lead opportunity, so that we can deeply feel the vitality of the meeting, so as to improve the enthusiasm of the staff.