self-waterproof reinforcement concrete

Many people are ignorant of the electrical hazards of the workplace,

Electrical accidents are often disabling or fatal.

Common causes of electrical injuries are:

Contact with overhead or buried power lines and other live parts;

Lack or incorrect grounding fault protection;

Incorrect use of extension cords and equipment;

Work on a hot circuit.

Electrical injuries can cause burns, electrocution, death,

High fall, electroshock.

So, this requires workers to look for any overhead or buried wires before starting work. Once you're sure, mark it!

Switch board, socket cover, circuit breaker box cover missing,

It makes it easy for workers to come into contact with live parts.

So don't expose the electrical parts,

Use appropriate circuit protection.

Most power tools have built-in safety features,

But it only works if the tools are used correctly.

And finally, when it comes to maintenance and so on,

Close the circuit, Lockout Tagout, avoid accidentally starting the machine!