Service belt conveyor

Service belt conveyor

May 02, 2019

Service belt conveyor

1. The shutdown shall be tagout according to the tag system.

2. Fire extinguishers on site shall be in good condition, without pyrotechnics or inflammable and explosive materials.

3. The belt shall be issued with a heating license, under the supervision of special personnel, and the insulation and anti-hot measures of welding slag shall be taken with a partition board.

4. The power cord shall not contact with water.

5. According to the leakage protector, the power supply voltage of mobile appliances and lamps shall not exceed 36V.

6. The primary and secondary insulation of the welding machine is intact, and the power cord and welding gun are not exposed or damaged.

7. Oxygen and acetylene cylinders must be kept at a safe distance of more than 5 meters, and oxygen and acetylene cylinders should be kept away from the ignition point.

8. Welding machine welding wire, electrical equipment wire source and oxygen, acetylene hose is not wound together, the maintainer is prohibited to welding machine welding wire, oxygen, acetylene belt is not allowed to wind with the body or welding wire, oxygen, acetylene belt on the back or pressure in the body.