Special case application of Lockout tagout

Special case application of Lockout tagout

Mar 18, 2021

Special case application of Lockout tagout

Special circumstances include:

1.Lockout Tagout Interruption (Restore energy test)

2. When the energy isolator is Lockout tagout, if it is necessary to test or position the machine, it shall be done in the following order:

A. Remove tools and materials from the machine

B. Cleaning personnel

C Remove locks/tags from energy isolators according to established procedures

D Conducting tests

E Disconnect power source and refeed the energy isolator, Lockout tagout, continue working

F Operate the controller to verify energy isolation

3. Exposure of non-employees to dangerous energy

The enterprise and its external contractors shall inform each other of their respective Lockout Tagout procedures

Each enterprise shall ensure that its employees understand and comply with the requirements of external contractors and other energy control procedures or mutually agreed requirements

3. Multiple protection

When multiple people or other teams are required to Lockout a tagout for maintenance, modification, etc. of the main machine, each person should do the Lockout tagout or use a system that provides the same level of protection as an individual Lockout tagout, such as using a group Lockout box.

4. High voltage operation

When employees' work requires high voltage circuits or equipment (above 600V), the risk of switching arc injury should be considered and special risk control procedures should be developed to describe the Lockout Tagout execution points.

5. Succession

For it is necessary to machine the current Lockout tagout continue to the next shift, enterprises should formulate specific written procedures, to cooperate with the status of the shift or change hands, this includes the ability to control systematically the responsibility of the isolating device from a group of workers on the transition to the next one of the workers' hands, such as face-to-face handover process or use lock control process is presented.

6. Lockout Tagout for associated devices

For jobs such as conveyors and systems, there is a special method of locking them. The whole machine must be fully Lockout tagout after the whole process has been completed, and another method must be used to ensure that the energy isolator has been locked.