Special safety training activities

Special safety training activities

Oct 17, 2020

New 3000T press robot Lock out Tag out special safety training activity

Bearing the new 3000T press and automation project that stamping people have been longing for for a long time, after stamping technology, equipment preservation, stamping workshop, jinan No. 2 plant project, the debugging personnel have been in the sprint stage before commissioning and production with sincere cooperation and hard work day and night. In order to strengthen the risk pre-control of commissioning operation and ensure the smooth sailing of the 1000-ton power dream of the stamping workshop, in view of the potential safety risks and risks existing in robot commissioning, the special safety education and training activity of robot Lock out Tag out will be held in the meeting room of the stamping workshop on the morning of October 13, 2020.

In combination with the new 3000 t press and automatic robot commissioning activities of the project, stamping plant to strengthen security responsibility of bear, on the one hand, to strengthen the debugging personnel before construction safety risk education training, the examination and approval of dangerous operations, on the one hand, uninterrupted construction work of the whole TOP of daily patrol and special safety inspection tour, the territorial service consciousness level of safety supervision, actively organize and coordinate the personnel, equipment, tooling, sites, debugging of aggravation for robot project.

According to the operation characteristics and existing safety risks of robot automatic debugging project, the training first played the warning video of safety accidents occurred in robot debugging operation of various production enterprises, which sounded the alarm bell of respecting rules and keeping discipline and paying attention to safety for the personnel involved in debugging. Then, education and training were carried out around the management process, division of responsibility, management benchmark and key points of typical violation cases of stamping workshop robot Lock out Tag out. The training was focused, concise, and focused on locking out tag out risk benchmark and risk source identification and control during debugging, which was highly recognized and welcomed by debugging personnel. Through the special safety education and training of the robot Lock out Tag out, the personnel involved in the robot commissioning project clearly defined their respective safety responsibilities and responsibilities, enhanced the safety risk awareness of the commissioning personnel, strengthened the compliance of the commissioning standards, and provided a strong safety guarantee for the smooth mass production of the new 3000T press!