Specific Energy Isolation Procedures 3

Specific Energy Isolation Procedures 3

Nov 07, 2020

Specific Energy Isolation Procedures

In addition to the general lockout/tagout procedures found in Section 6.1, General Lockout and Tagout Procedures, the following methods and devices will be used either separately or in a combination to lockout/tagout the following energy source(s).

Electrical (Motor Controllers, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, Etc.)

Identify the system to be isolated.

Shut down the equipment using the selector switch.

Open the master disconnect. The isolation must be to the main supply switch gear and in cases where the isolation cannot be completed using this method then, the fuses will have to be removed and stored in a canvas bag  located on the outside.

Ensure that all power sources are locked and tagged out.  Electrical work that involves handling of or diesel exposure to high voltage (> 600 V) conductors, the circuit requires disconnection or removal of an electrical component to ensure isolation, a qualified person must perform the work.

Stored electrical energy must be bled to obtain zero energy state to ensure area is clear.

When working on or near exposed de-energized electrical equipment, a qualified person (who has an electric operation license and has been deemed to be competent) shall use test equipment to ensure that all circuits are dead.