Specifications and types of locks and labels 2

Specifications and types of locks and labels 2

Aug 01, 2019

Specifications and types of locks and labels

(ii) by type of personnel:

Personal safety lock

A personal safety lock issued for personal use to lock a lock box or individual isolation point.

The label affixed on the lock includes: user name, unit number, lock property abbreviation, lock number.

Collective safety lock

A security group lock that locks multiple isolation points and is equipped with a lock box.

A group of collective locks a total of 5 locks, sharing a key, can open all the group locks.

The labels on locks include: unit number, nature of locks, group of locks, and number of locks.

Shared safety lock

Common locks can be "one-to-one" single locks, or "one-to-many" lock groups. When the individual lock or collective lock, lock needs insufficient, can borrow the public security lock to lock.

The use of public locks must be approved by the person in charge of the territory, and registered for the record, and returned after use.

Collective lock box

A lock box used by the unit to which the equipment belongs and the construction unit when the collective lock is applied.

The collective lock box should be placed in a accessible and obvious position to facilitate the lock tag.

"Dangerous do not operate" label

It is used to control the whole equipment to protect people from injury and equipment from damage. This label contains:

Job content, lock person, time, work unit, contact information (individual and unit)