technical safety measures

technical safety measures

Apr 25, 2019

General provisions

(1) equipment maintenance personnel shall strictly abide by the safe operation rules for each type of work. And unified command by the project leader and safety head. 

(2) before maintenance, the reliability of the tools used must be checked. Overload and illegal operation with illness are strictly prohibited.

(3) the equipment maintenance must implement the blackout tagout and locking system, and the equipment maintenance personnel should bring the key. 

(4) when the maintenance personnel enter the internal operation of the machine, a special person must be assigned to monitor the outside. 

(5) when inspecting and overhauling the equipment, a standard running light or flashlight shall be used. Open flame lighting is strictly prohibited. 

(6) after the equipment overhaul is completed, the overhaul personnel shall count the tools and clean up the work site, and shall not leave sundries or tools in the equipment. Only after all the equipment is checked and confirmed to be qualified, can the equipment be sent for power test.

(7) when it is necessary for maintenance to move or remove the guardrail, protective net, safety cover, cover plate and other safety facilities, if the staff leave the work site, temporary guardrail and protective net shall be set up around the above work site, and eye-catching warning signs shall be set up. Everything should be restored to its original state as soon as it is finished.

(8) during maintenance, the removed parts shall not be lost. When repairing the joint surface of mechanical parts, the hoisting part shall be padded firmly and the hand shall not extend into it. When inspecting easily tipping parts, they must be firmly supported.

(9) when using a spanner, the part in contact with the spanner shall not stick to grease. Do not use spanner with socket. A wrench must not be used as a hammer.