Sep 24, 2019


Ensure that all sources of hazardous energy are isolated and hazardous materials are fully controlled by means of test start-up or mobile devices.

The "test" procedure must also specify all factors that might prevent the device from starting or moving, such as safety interlocks or automatic controls, with the output set to "zero."


Visual examination:

Is the valve closed? Play open to do; Observe pressure gauge, sight mirror or liquid level indicator; Visually confirm that the rotating device has stopped rotating; Visually verify that components are disconnected (such as couplings, belts, and chains removed) or properly blocked. Warning: the pressure gauges should be observed to confirm that they are in working condition before dangerous energy sources are removed. Place as much as possible has become blocked and is not designed to do so. When verifying isolation, people should be careful not to put themselves at risk or create additional hazards.

For some work tasks with electrical hazards, where possible, the disconnected power lead should be visually checked.