The basic requirements for Lockout tagout

The basic requirements for Lockout tagout

Nov 14, 2019

The basic requirements for Lockout tagout

Control hazardous energy -OSHA or clearing, locking, labeling, clearing, testing or testing, locking, labeling, testing or locking, labeling, labeling or communication, protection, verification, etc.

Whatever it is: Lockout tagout- Lockout, hang out, try out

It remains a "lifesaving standard" and the number one "inviolable" standard.


Define the minimum requirements for performing the following tasks: keep machinery, equipment, and processes in safe conditions for maintenance and repair.

This applies to anyone working on the system.

What are the conditions for safety?

All power is disconnected, is there any other energy? All liquids and solids are removed, gas pressure is discharged, all conditions are stabilized/verified, knowledgeable employees


Protect people, protect everyone, protect equipment/process, protect the environment

What are the consequences of not following these instructions

Repair automatic strapping machine

Maintenance personnel maintain the automatic strapping machine, when the lock is removed, maintenance personnel circulate the strapping machine to verify that the machine is working properly. During cyclic maintenance of the strapping machine, the tip is not fully retracted to the starting position. One mechanic, thinking that the blade would not move, began to hold it in his hand and push it back to its starting position. As soon as the sharp end reached its starting position, it moved so suddenly that it pierced the mechanic's hand. Hearing the mechanic's screams of injury, another mechanic pushed the emergency stop button.

Hydraulic molding machine

Instead of locking the machine when workers were inspecting the hydraulic press, they circumvented the limit of the door... They didn't realize they were going around the sensors inside the door, and once the beam was cut off, the molding machine would move. The production supervisor went into the press to make a quick judgment when the sensor beam was cut off. Three rollers pushed him into the molding machine, flattening him in three seconds. Xuecong is usually used to make mold object support positioning vacuum hole flow to the entire molding machine. The maintenance supervisor and engineering manager witnessed the incident but had no time to press the emergency stop button.