The isolation energy is locked

The isolation energy is locked

Nov 10, 2020

Lock out tag out is effective to prevent the employees in the machinery, equipment, process system on homework tasks effective hard isolation means of personal injury occurs, is by the method of isolation, Lock in some dangerous energy source, which can effectively prevent accidents due to dangerous energy recovery, start or release of accidents, which have been extensively used in the safety management of advanced enterprise in the world. Many personal injury accidents occurred in the company in recent years are caused by the failure to implement Lock out Tag out. In order to learn lessons from accidents and effectively prevent production safety accidents, the company decided to implement Lock out Tag out in the operation of machinery, equipment and process system.

I. For the removal of the protective devices of the machinery, equipment and process system, personnel shall Lock out tag out when they are exposed to dangerous energy during the work on the machinery, equipment and process system. For routine, repetitive jobs that are inseparable from the production process, or that cannot be done using traditional energy isolation methods, alternative control methods that provide effective protection must be adopted.

2. Each enterprise shall formulate the Lock out Tag out standard and specify the Lock out Tag out work procedure and the Lock out Tag out job list. Comprehensively identify the operations that need to Lock out tag out, establish a list book, determine the Lock out tag out point and Lock out tag out method, and equip with corresponding locks and tags. Before the start of the work, all the switches, valves, start-stop buttons, mechanical interfaces and other isolation points of the equipment or system that may lead to the release of dangerous energy and materials shall be closed or disconnected, and the equipment shall be locked and listed with a lock to completely seal or isolate the dangerous energy.

3. Lock out Tag out training should be carried out to make the operation personnel clear about the process and method of Lock out tag out operation, and the training personnel should include relevant parties of the enterprise. Relevant parties should also Lock out tag out in the process of equipment inspection and maintenance, and require them to communicate and confirm with local management personnel of the enterprise.

4. Each enterprise should make it clear that the leading department is responsible for locking out tag out. The equipment management department should formulate the Lock out Tag out management system and procedures, establish the Lock out tag out operation list and Lock out tag out isolation point, and transform and improve the equipment and facilities to make them qualified for the condition of Lock out Tag out. Purchasing department is responsible for purchasing qualified locks and signs; The financial department should give priority to Lock out tag out expenses in production safety. Safety management departments should strengthen comprehensive supervision and guidance.

V. All enterprises shall develop the implementation plan of Lock out Tag out before May 10 and report it to the Office of the Security Committee of the company; Lock out Tag out for high-risk inspection and maintenance operations before August 1; Then Lock out Tag out gradually covers all jobs in which personnel are exposed to dangerous energy when working on machinery, equipment and process system.

6. All sectors and enterprises shall inspect and supervise the Lock out Tag out work. The progress of Lock out Tag out work should be included in the monthly safety work summary. The safety and environmental protection inspection team of the company should Lock out tag out of the work when it inspects each enterprise.

7. Lock out Tag out work is mandatory, applicable to all personnel in all business scope of the enterprise (i.e. employees of the enterprise, contractors, suppliers and other relevant parties), site, construction project and office, and applicable to mobile device related work.