The release of energy

The release of energy

Oct 29, 2020

Lock Out Tag Out

After many enterprises, only a leading enterprise that attracts the attention of the government, the society and the media can realize the importance of locking Out Tag Out. Many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are not willing to Lock Out Tag Out. In fact, in the process of equipment maintenance, it is very necessary to first release the energy and Lock Out the energy switch.

When is the Lock Out Tag Out system implemented?

Before you place any part of your body in or near the equipment in a hazardous area during the maintenance of the equipment (adjustment, inspection, modification, component change, plug cleaning, lubrication, cleaning, tool replacement, etc.), you must isolate and lock the energy.

Lockout prevents anyone from operating a reasonable power source or device until the repair is complete and the lock is removed.

Tagout USES a tag to warn others that a power source or device that has been isolated cannot be manipulated.