The removal of a lock or tag

The removal of a lock or tag

Oct 10, 2019

The removal of a lock or tag

When the work is completed, the lock or tag shall be lifted only after inspection and testing of the relevant machinery and equipment. The inspection shall ensure that:

The work has been done

All employees have been removed from the equipment

All protective devices for machines and employees are in place

All obstacles have been removed

Special unlock/debrand program

Special unlocking procedures can only be approved by the department manager of the locked employee and the industrial safety officer

Employees performing special unlocks must be familiar with the entire LTT program

Verify that the locked employee is still working on the machine

Evaluate the safety and suitability of the equipment

It is best to find the locked employee to understand the situation at that time, if the employee is not in, you need to consult their boss

Inform relevant staff, open the lock or remove the tag

Check and start the equipment

Compile a special unlock report to the security officer