The requirement of a lockout tagout (2)

The requirement of a lockout tagout (2)

Sep 13, 2018

6. Use the correct lock, for example, a 3-inch pipe gate valve to lock, and you use a 5-inch to 6.5-inch gate valve safety lock.

7. Make sure your lockout tagout device can resist the environment, such as humidity and corrosivity, or it will lose its proper effect.

8. Locks and hangings need to be used in combination and cannot be replaced by each other.

9. From 2 January 1990, whenever mechanical equipment is replaced, overhauled, modified or innovated, and whenever new equipment is installed, the energy isolation device for the machine equipment shall be designed to be capable of being locked.

10. The operator shall inspect the capability control procedures at least on a regular basis every year to ensure that the procedures and requirements of this standard are implemented and shall be inspected by the employee authorized to perform the periodic inspections, not by the person performing the energy control procedures.