The requirements of LOTOTO

The requirements of LOTOTO

Aug 20, 2020

The requirements of LOTOTO

LOTO standing board

You can store locks and labels on the LOTO station board.

LOTO boards provide centralized management of LOTO-related locking and labeling information.

The key must not be stored with the lock on the LOTO station board

You can post a list of LOTO's latest licensees here

The requirements of LOTOTO

LOTO guide/guide

Identify LOTO devices

Provide detailed guidance on the implementation of each step

Use colors and ICONS to identify hazardous energy sources

Use photos to ensure that staff can quickly find the right LOTO control points to avoid wasting time and making mistakes

The association of LOTO with a job

The association between LOTO and job permission should be established

Make sure all personal locks/labels are in place before work begins

No locks/labels shall be removed until the job is complete